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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar J-live - Eight Minutes lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Yeah, eight minutes, sunlight, you’re on
To break it down chords J-live - Eight Minutes lyrics lyrics for the people like you always do
Knowing that no two minds ever seen it the same
Understanding gets fresher when it’s simple and plain
Bringing lightyears of clarity, joy and pain
When disparity, leave us desperate in despair
Disrespected and disrepaired, you the heat
and the light that was always there, the REAL top of the food chain
So who cares if life ain’t fair?
You get a whole ‘nother go-round – go get yours!
Live and die for your personal cause
Come to grips with your personal flaws
Recognize your free will regardless of the laws
to realize that the choices-es is yours
And it’s never just one, it’s nothing new under the sun
Not even the present light, that is breaking you off
A catalyst, for the elements that’s makin you cough
Keeping the grip, on the planet, never takin you off
At a hundred eighty six thousand miles per second on tape delay
For ninety-three million miles away
Radiates in the same exact way that I came to say – C’MON~!
Eight minutes, sunlight, you’re on! – C’MON~!
Eight minutes, sunlight, you’re on! – C’MON~!
Eight minutes, sunlight, you’re on! {*echoes*}

Like sunshine… and rain!

Yeah, if meditation is trying not to think
That’s lirik terjemahan arti indonesia J-live - Eight Minutes lyrics download mp3 all I got to do to let my paper feel ink
I do it the same and STILL get something different
Insane how the mind race like Usain
Memories of true pain reign like all hail
Fall hard like rain, snow, hail, and thaw like, “Oh well”
Speed of light the same, whether the sunshine
or blue flame, beware the butane
All’s well that ends well done, medium rarely
Makes a name like Hussain
Whether famous or infamous depends cord kord chord J-live - Eight Minutes lyrics kunci gitar on who sane
But one thing for sure, somebody was not playin
If fate lets you be, go ahead and be great
Cause greatness don’t care if somebody was not planned
And before you was born, you was grown and made
From the beginning whether moms or pops, understand or not
The same cloud that block, the sunlight
When you +Break on Through+, the +Other Side+ is bright
So the rain just hits you in order to get you
to wake up in time to reach your new heights – LET’S GO~!

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